NEXT100NAIJABRANDS, An Initiative to Building Africa Big Brands

Dr. Rotimi Olaniyan, Convener of #Next100NaijaBrands and BalogunAdewale of ERA
My day was well spent yesterday (January 15, 2020) with Dr. Rotimi Olaniyan and Crew at #NEXT100NAIJABRANDS.

I’ve always been skeptical about attending free events except it’s from a reputable company. When I saw the advertisement for the #NEXT100NAIJABRANDS Brand Power Free Master Class I have to conduct little research to know the the brain behind the initiative and the event and I was convinced, so I reluctantly signed up and scheduled to attend.

A day before the event (January 14, 2020) when my calendar reminds me of the coming event,  I was still contemplating on either to attend or spend my time to handle some lines of activities popping up, looking into by vision board resonates my conclusion to attend.

I have to confess, it was beyond expectation and I have to leave a testimony that says, “Wao! I never expect to get that much for free”.

Not only do I got premium training for free, but I also got almost free Brand Incubation Package. Curious to know what that is all about, then you need to join #NEXT100NAIJABRANDS.

“There is a positive correlation between the financial valuation of indigenous companies and the wealth of that nation,” says Dr. Rotimi Olaniyan. This is one of my take-home points among the numerous shared at the events.

The master class is to introduce SME and Startups to the art of unique brand development and how to do it without breaking banks.

The class was divided into five sessions handled by executives in the reputable organization handling well-known brands;

Dr. Rotimi himself opened the floor with lots of case studies that drive home the points and differentiate commercializing products and building brands.

Mrs. Tope Nwosu, the Co-ordinator of the initiative handled the practical session where we underwent a short process of how to create strong brands in addition to a brain teaser as part of critical thinking tools for anyone interested in building a strong brand.

Mrs Tope Nwosu (#Next100NaijaBrands Trainer and Coordinator and BalogunAdewale of ERA

Mr. Emmanuel Agu, Group Marketing Director at JOTNA Nigeria Limited (Makers of Lacasera) came next to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences with us on using the concepts of affordability to build a strong brand.

Do you know that one of the easiest and best ways to start building a strong brand at this digital age is using Digital Marketing? This is the angle Mr. Gerald Osogu, Head of Media Planning and Management at 9 Mobile took us to while Dr. Rotimi buttresses his point thus; “the only way you can compete with big brands is through digital marketing”.

Lastly, Mr. Obisan Johnson who handles content creation at #NEXT100NAIJABRANDS took us through the content and graphic aspect of the brand development. He emphasized we should be consistent in the image and colour we use if we care to create strong brands, that our colour even without the name should always announce our presence.

My friend, “No be person wey shout pass for market, na him go sell market pass”. This is related by Dr- Rotimi which means that, when it comes to building a strong brand, it is understandable to tell the world what you have, but you need to ensure it is meaningful. He also emphasized that building a strong brand is a continuous process.

According to Dr. Rotimi, the Convener of the #NEXT100NAIJABRANDS, he has worked and consulted to build big brands locally and around the world, he is on a mission to build the next 100 big brands locally.

As found on their website “The #100NAIJABRANDS Project is a social impact skill and capacity development project dedicated to empowering emerging indigenous Nigerian entrepreneurs to succeed by helping them map and develop their brands using the same level of thinking, tools and professional techniques available to the world’s leading brands.”

Are you one of those 100 brands?
If you are interested in competing to be one of those 100 brands, then you need to join their Brand Incubation Programme, visit for more details.

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