Am I Your Slave

It is very unusual to hear man telling woman "Am I your slave" just because he is taking care of her financially. But it is a normal statement from a woman telling man, the moment he is trying to force him to cook or similar activities of such, even though he made available the resources to get it done.

Meanwhile, slavery is in working and toiling to make money for the master with the opportunity to spend little or nothing out of the money more than running an errand. But, it seems the reverse is the case when it comes to a marital relationship.

I will never be a party to women slavery because Islam never teaches me such. And more precisely, It is one of the Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) last messages before his demise; That we men should not enslave our women.

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If the relationship is treated as “Division of Labour” accepting you have roles to play to make it work, then slavery will not be part of your family dictionary.

With the concepts of division of labour, if both parties are contributing to the financial upkeep of the family the man should automatically accept to assist the woman with activities within the house. Even without that, he can still give support where needed but not with the woman vehemently demanding for it.

The Modern Relationship

Modernization fuels the thought of slavery in a relationship, even though I cannot deny reading about men enslaving women in the days of old but not what we consider today as slavery.

According to Thakasile Shozi “There isn’t one solid definition of what a relationship is because the people in them are so different. Each one has its specific parameters. The problem with the modern relationship is that it isn’t really one.”

Men and women fully accepted there is a need for a considerable level of sacrifice to achieve a reasonable and positive result in any area of our endeavour. In other words, to receive the success badge, you should be ready to sacrifice time, energy, money and any other resources as the case may be.

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Even after sacrificing all these, there is no guarantee of the favourable outcome but one thing is certain if you utilize the experience gained, you will surely grow to make a better decision towards success. But, why are we treating relationship otherwise?

The question now is that, is modernization helping relationship or not?

Get Enslave or Enslave Yourself

You either get enslave or enslave yourself. If you think being with man or woman is slavery, being alone is even more. Even if you have the resources to recruit those who will do all the work for you including bathing you, there is a countless number of works you will opposite sex to do for you. Even with the ugly same-sex relationships, partners still hurt each other. If you are the type that thinks a relationship with no strings attach is freedom, come forward to share your experience of a perfect partnership.

The slavery of loneliness is much more than the one with someone you consider to be enslaving you. We are an emotional animal, not until you are ready to be emotionally committed in a relationship and ready to sacrifice, you may think you have freedom, but I can bet it is temporary.

In as much, you are not in a relationship where you are being abused, be ready to play your part rather than claiming an unnecessary right that will yield nothing but stress and outcome that you will live to regret.

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