Online Security (How To Protect And Recover Your Facebook Account)

A few days ago, I received a message from one of my banks that reads;

“Dear Client, be informed that cyber-criminals are using the current COVID-19 pandemic to defraud public. Please, don’t divulge any sensitive information to anyone”.

Did you receive a message like this? Even if you do not receive a message like this, at one time or another, your bank would always alert you on never to share your personal bank information with anyone that your bank will never call you to ask for such information.

I have helped lots of people recovered their facebook account from cybercriminals and in many occasion, the attempts to recovered the account proved abortive due to some security issues they failed to implement on their facebook account that will make it possible to recovered.

If your opinion is that if they hacked your account you will open another one, then you are putting your contacts at risk of the cybercriminals because many of this people I contact recount how their contacts were swindled thinking they are dealing with them; the major plan behind your account stealing by the criminals directly resulting to loss of reputation.

On April 3rd, 2020, my birthday, an attempt was made to hack my account, but for security measures put in place, they find difficult to bridge.

Cyber-criminals work on your psychology and online activities to get you and no one could prove 100% smart ahead of them but with security measure and consciousness you will beat them to their game.

In this training
• You will learn how to create a simple but strong password for your accounts.
• Different ways cyber-criminals can steal your account.
• 3 security measures you can activate to protect your account.
• How to recover your account if hacked
• And many more based on question and answer

Click on the link below or copy and paste it on your browser to the class coming April 21, 2020.
Meeting ID: 772 5154 8380

Preferably, download the zoom software for pc by clicking on the link if you don’t have it or head on to google play to download the mobile app.

The training is Free

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