Start With What You Have, Start Now!

"Don’t let life discourage you” “everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was” – Richard L. Evans.

If only I have the required capital, if only I have, if only I have the right connection, if only my parents are rich,……. all are alibis. The resources needed to achieve the dream is with you at every point in time, look inward, meditate, ask yourself what is the way out, what is the next alternative. Believe me, there is always a better way out. “You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again,” says Benjamin Franklin

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Those who believe opportunity come but once may be right; we have a countless number of people who remain the same today as they are years back, just because they always postpone till the next day what they need to do today. If you doubt that, you may like to meditate on what Abraham Lincoln has to say on this, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” Don’t be among the people who always eat the leftover, double your action; stop putting till tomorrow what you should do today.


Discouraging yourself from pursuing your dreams because you lack what you think is the most important thing is a waste of time and energy. The most important resource needed is you; so start the work now. A journey of a thousand miles, they say, starts with a single step. According to Norman Vincent Peale “The really happy people are those who have broken the chains of procrastination, those who find satisfaction in doing the job at hand. They’re full of eagerness, zest, productivity. You can be, too.”

Never Give Up!


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