How to Create Strong Password for Your Online Account

Hello, My name is Balogun Adewale, in this short course, I will be teaching you online security as a user with a focus on securing your Facebook account.


When it comes to online security, many of us take it for granted, most especially our social media account with the belief that, if anything happens to it, we can easily open another one, after all, we are not paying for it. This ideology has cost a lot of people their reputation when cybercriminals take control of their Facebook or any other social media account to defraud their contacts.

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First thing first, to ensure your Facebook account is well protected, you have to use a strong password. It is funny to see people using one of their names, phone numbers, birth dates, words, and numbers people can easily guess about them as passwords. If you are one of those people, you need to change your password to a stronger one. By strong, I never mean long, just a minimum of 8 characters and must be alphanumeric and sign. I mean your password must contain alphabets, numbers, and signs and the combination should exclude words and numbers people can easily guess about you.


Be wise, online security is so important at this age to protect your reputation, life, and resources of your loved ones.


This information is also useful for all other online accounts that need the creation of a password including your banking applications.


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