I’ve gained lots of knowledge and inspiration reading biography of achievers and great company around the world and for my mentees interested in starting their business, I’ve always recommended some books that will give them insight and inspiration to put their ideas to work and readjust it when need and most especially to let them know many of them started from the humble beginning just as they are about to do like I do too.

In most cases, the three books in the pictures below are always on the list.

The COVID 19 pandemic is impacting our life with a denial but could also be a period when great things can happen like starting your own business.

In this edition of Online Course Challenge, we would be taking a course on how to Start Your Own Business from Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A) online course portal.

The ‘Start your business’ course is aimed at founders who are in the phase of developing ideas and testing product-market fit.

The first module focuses on how to build a great team, the second module on the environment you operate in, and the third module discusses the importance of knowing your target market.

Each module has a number of learning resources, which include:

·       Theoretical breakdowns where concepts are introduced – relevant to the African context

·       Videos of leading business professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, sharing expert advice

·       Quizzes where you’ll be challenged to apply what you have learnt

·       Useful downloadable templates and documents

Click to join us and don’t forget to come back to the comment session to share your experience with us after each module.

By the way, it will be a great read if you can lay your hands on any of the books, most especially how they started in tough time.


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