14 Days Challenge to Build Your Virtual Office without Coding

There have been many occasion in which I’ve lost in a contest and application to participate in startup accelerators because the activities, businesses, and initiatives I put in for does not have a virtual presence including the recent Forbes Nigeria’s First Digital Startup Accelerator.

Why am I sharing this with you? it is for you to know that having a virtual office (Website/Blogsite) is becoming a must to build a successful career. Social media will have its impact but having your own website/blogsite command credibility and gives you chances to excel.

Surprisingly for a starter, you will be surprised to note that many of these blogsites/websites are run on free platforms that require almost no coding experience.

If you are serious about creating a virtual office for yourself or your team for personal, portfolio, or corporate branding, I am calling you to join me on 14 Days Challenge to own your virtual office. We all need it.

You can also use this opportunity to start your Digital Agency Business; you will find out if you are fortunate to be among the 10 lucky ones that will join me.

Yes! 10 Lucky People.

Click here to show your interest: https://bit.ly/14daysdhallenge

To ensure this course achieves the desired result, I will be holding it 10 people per batch because I want to personally monitor each participant’s project within those 14 days.

What can you build with this challenge?

·       A Digital Media or blog https://www.empowermite.com and https://www.waleemah.org

·       A Personal and portfolio branding: https://bit.ly/mypersonalportfolio under construction

·       An events/Exhibition Page (Website): https://bit.ly/eraevent

·       A corporate branding website: https://bit.ly/allrightconcepts and https://bit.ly/digency under construction

·       Real Estate and Classifieds website: https://bit.ly/realestateclassified  under construction

And many more;

The 10 lucky participants will pay an introductory investment of N20,000 ($50) and by the time there are testimonies for the project by the fortunate 10 lucky persons who participated in this first batch, the price will be N50,000 ($125)

What will you get with your N20,000 ($50) investment;

  • Your desire virtual presence in 14 days (N50,000 worth)
  • 2 years domain name registration/subscription (N12,000 worth)
  • 5 Premium website/blog templates (N25,000 worth) to start your digital agency and maybe resell
  • Video lectures (N20,000) you will keep for life
  • 1 month mentoring (N50,000)
  • Search Engine Optimization of your Website/Blogsite
  • Monetization Strategy

That sounds unbelievable;

What do you expect, how do I see people who will testify to the genuineness of the programme if I failed to encourage participation.

That is my price for lunching and advertising this programme to the world. Don’t forget I will continue selling this programme for years at a higher price at the same value

It’s your lucky day, show your interest by feeling this form and I will contact you


Once I have 10 people who paid, the introductory offer close.

By the way, which category do you belong to?


  • Unemployed
  • Self-employed
  • Employed
  • Freelancer

Yes, I made this programme for you.

Whether you choose to go full time or part-time as an alternative income as a digital agency or to build a virtual office to sell your skills, services, or products, you are in for the best.

It will be my pleasure to contribute to your survival and improvement at this transformation time. Being part of your success story is my mission.

Let’s work together to share a new and delightful story to the world.

I can’t wait to work with you.

Feel the form to show your interest now.





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