Natural Remedy for Sleeplessness

About two weeks ago, I have a few symptoms of malaria. I need to see doctor, the time it will consume and many thoughts keep coming in. I have scheduled some interaction under #ProjectTIMS, don't want to disappoint but health is wealth, I eventually unable to have Nelly Essien due to my health, I heated it but thank God she understands


I eventually go for diagnosis, straight to the pharmacy, get some recommendation, thank God I am getting healthy, happy to be back to duty on Monday, I've been keeping away from my system and phone more than usual to relax. Happy to resume on Monday but the body system gave me a warning the morning that it is not time yet. I hated that but can't help it, I managed to do some little work, then relaxed again.


But it seems this is more than I bargained for, could not naturally catch some sleep at night, the same on Tuesday. Of course the need to see Dr. Zainab keep ringing, I called on two occasions but never showed up. Now I knew I can't keep going this way, I have to see Dr. Zainab.


Doctor, I can't sleep for like two days, she runs some test showed me on the system, what happened, your brain and it's affecting your eyes, I guess because I can't sleep, so its natural the eyes will be affected


Yes, my brain, I can't feel it, 3 days continuous light headaches and some feelings on my head, I knew something is wrong. I don’t want to use piles to sleep, I did, but never a sound sleep, it’s not helping this issue, I want it natural. I love feeling healthy.


Like a month before the symptoms during the Ramadan fasting, I knew I did things the unusual way, approximately 5 hours sleep per day, about 5 to 10 minutes siesta in the afternoon when the nature called. The feelings surface but want to go for the medical examination after the fasting. Alhamdulillah (thank God), I scale through.


Before I consulted Dr. Zainab, I’ve googled on symptoms of sleeplessness, trust me, don’t want to be a novice completely when discussing, and love to have little knowledge and idea here and there. No concrete information, but I grab some knowledge but could not understand the medical causes terminologies of sleeplessness and don’t want to further in that research, Dr. Zainab will do justice to that. No time for that, not ready to be a medical doctor.


She thought for a while, what I could give you is not available, you need to call back tomorrow, but I have some remedy to get you some sleep naturally. That sounds interesting; I am now more attentive, I love it natural, herbs, natural therapy. I don’t hate medicine but love it to be an alternative.


She said, get a good onion, and natural honey, be sure it's natural, peel the onion, get the fresh ones inside, eat it and take some of the honey, then about two cups of warm water, you will be able to catch some sleep.


I remembered I don’t have honey again at home; I inquired what if there is no honey. She said I should go ahead with the onion and water. But, because I love honey as a natural remedy and have used it on many occasions. After leaving Dr. Zainab's office I quickly called on the guy that supplies honey to me, he immediately through dispatch rider sends a small size to my home.


I quickly get the onion, got the fresh one inside, slice it in a plate, straight to the kitchen to warm some water, and in less than 5 minutes my meal (remedy is ready). I ate the onion and took some honey then step it down slowly with the warm water.


Believe me, it works. Relaxing on the couch, a nap came like a breeze, I can’t believe it, straight to bed and I slept off in less than 10 minutes.


Am I feeling sleepy before, I don’t think so, did I use any other pills, never. I feel relaxed throughout the night. My headache is gone and I am fast recuperating.


I am sharing this because the two ingredients involved are natural and not non to be medically harmful excepts if excessively consumed, but if you choose to try this remedy check to make sure it is not in any way against a medical recommendation for you.


With permission, you can chat up Dr. Zainab on WhatsApp: +2348132032386.




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