Receiving is as Important as Giving

As much as the act of giving is praised, the act of receiving is as much very important as an antidote to frustrating life or just for the pleasure of heart.


The expectation from this act and the result that is expected to yield is not tailored to the amount or how huge the gift but to show and receive love.


If not that one pays attention to his personal development and chooses to live a happy life amidst the circumstances, the truth is that men (fathers) who choose to be responsible are faced with lots of frustration.


I was sitting with an elderly friend the other day chatting and one of our dialogues eventually ended into parenting and he shared the story of his onetime Landlord with me.


Here are caring fathers who choose to be the best for his children to the extent that he always took his children to schools in the morning and pick them up during closing time taking up that responsibility for his wife not because she is busy or not available. He never sees it to be anything special than an act of showing love and caring for his family until the children are old enough to care for themselves and started earning.


According to the story, the father has enough and still with the wife but it is frustrating to see that the children he showed love to and almost neglect himself hardly remember him not to talk of stretching hands forward for a gift or something that will soothe his heart from someone you love. The painful path of it is that he is fully aware of how the children shower love with money and gift to their mothers and that got him thinking what goes wrong. Does he do something wrong or the mother said something to the children that makes them hate him? It is so frustrating that he has to voice out.


This scenario is a common one, but even though children might act that way, it is the role of the mother to redirect them to look back at their father and show back some love. It is an act of selfishness if any woman never sees anything wrong in that.


Personal experience and observation confirm this story to be true, many children likely show much love to the mother much than the father at their old age probably because men are assumed to take care of themselves and think the way forward than women.


Giving and Receiving is not Limited to Parenthood

The act of giving and the effect on building a solid relationship is not limited to fatherhood. The reason I followed that part initially is that I am written this during the father's day. The truth remains that in most cases people valued you based on what you give not what you receive.


I am becoming to see reasons why people’s value goes up or down. People value you based on what you bring to the table.


But does it give limited to materials? Of course not, but in any relationship, you should always think of what you can contribute, we all have it except that our selfishness and ignorance never allow us to see that value in us that will be of importance to others.


What Kind of Giver Are You?

Giving is an act that supposes to occur without expectation, but unfortunately, it is not in all conditions. That reminds of a friend that one time refers to an act of benevolent from someone as “Ore Oloselu” meaning “politician benevolence”. In other words, politicians always give with the expectation of returns, although this act of giving is not limited to politicians alone, many people give out because they are expecting something in returns either immediately or later in life.


This type of giving is very common to parenting not just to fathers alone. Many parents see their children as an investment rather than responsibilities as a result they are expecting returns when the children are grown-up started earning and when they failed to do so, it sounds to be a bad investment.


And to some parents, it is not the given as a return in itself but the pride and pleasure they derive from receiving from their children and if such failed, they feel deprived of their pride and pleasure.


The best act of giving is to give without expectation of returns, this way it is more delighting to heart when you unexpectedly get returns out of your kindness.


But generosity is also applicable in business except that, naturally, there is an expectation of returns when it comes to business generousity. Just ensure you give value for what you are taking.


Receivers are as Important as Giver

The day you will realize that you’re giving amount to nothing is the day you decided to give but could not find someone to receive. I know what you are thinking right now is that; could that be possible. Yes, it is! The day you dent your reputation, your giving becomes poisonous and people you think cannot do without you will be running away from you.


When you find yourself in a position of giving, just know that not every receiver loves to receive; they wish they are the one given but unfortunately, circumstances dictate their state at that moment and the table can turn around where you find yourself in their position.


The world rotates by giving and receiving if you understand it this way, you will reduce your sentiment and pride when given, in other words, it is natural. The same way when you are receiving, you also ensure you pass it on, if not, it means you will be pleased to see the movement stop and that is selfishness. It is not compulsorily to give what you receive but to ensure you also believe in the act of given and find something to give 

either materials or immaterial.







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