Parental Roles in Cubbing Child Abuse

During my teenage years, when I hear people talk about child abuse the only thing that runs through my mind then was maltreating a child. As time goes on, I got to find out there more to child abuse than I could imagine. My present research has let me into finding out even more but today my discussion would be based on the response I got from my previous post.

I am not fortunate to be raised by rich parents, we weren't poor nor rich. Maybe I should say the middle class. But my parents were irreplaceable. I could vividly remember my primary school days, myself and my elder sister being the first two siblings were fortunate to be one of those kids who put on the popular (Ali and Simbi) shoe then. I know you might all be wondering what that is all about. It's a shoe mostly used by the then rich kids. We were also allowed to attend one of the best Muslim Schools then located at Festac Town: Festac Town Muslim Community School (FTMCS). I knew things weren't balanced then but my parents took our needs as their number one priority. They weren't well educated but they ensure we have the best of basic education.

 Most times, when I see some parents laying more emphasis on the male kids neglecting the female, I fell very concerned because it was nothing of such in my own experience. Being a female doesn't make us lesser, it's just an ordinary gender. Paying less attention to the girl child's needs has led many teenage girls into lots of unimaginable acts. My parents don't have it all but I think they are aware of what denying us our needs might expose us to, so keep working hard and paying the price.

After my secondary school, looking at the present family situation then, I resulted in engaging in some hustling just to help in lifting the load off their shoulder a bit, I mean providing for my own need. Guess what! My dad was furious when he found out and authorized me to stop because he believes it's might expose me to some nefarious act not suitable for teenagers like me which he's been trying to avoid.

My dad is only hustling, that, we all know but yet he still tries hard to avoid exposing us into any form of abuse, and this sacrifice they've both made has helped in shaping our life positively to date. To some extent, we hardly get freaked with stuff in vogue because our mindset has been programmed positively to always wait for the right time.

I am never trying to paint myself as the perfect girl. No! But due to the sacrifice we've gotten and the training we were given, we can't receive material things from those who are not in a position to do so because taken it home is forbidden and this has stuck to become a habit I cultivated till I got married.

I am not trying to tell you how sacrificing my parents was, instead, I am trying to analyze how hard they tried as parents not to expose us to any form of abuse. In a nutshell, parenting is not about producing children but ensuring that if you cannot give them a good financial head start in life, you should ensure they are not lead astray due to your negligence and carelessness.

As young and upcoming parents, providing for our children necessities and guiding them morally can help cub some ugly act in both males and females.

Another issue that is also clamouring for address is creating barriers within kids or making the male kids feel more important than the females. This is another societal challenge the alarming crime rate affecting girl child. The girl child also deserves more care, love, time attention just like the male. As parents, let's play our part and try to bring the best out of our kids.

I have been working hard lately on how to speak up for the girl child. This piece will lead me into the female series for the main time.

Our voices deserve to be heard.

We deserve more than we are getting.

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