How to Change the Norms Towards Your Potential Development


It is impossible to grow beyond your level of Personal Development and that starts from paying conscious attention to what you consider to be the norms and ready to challenge what the general society considers being norms influenced by your environment.

Our norms today are influenced others have on us and some were cultivated by discipline enforced by authorities starting from our parents, teachers, elders, etc.

This influences and discipline most of which are erroneous affecting our potential development have been deposited in us for over 15, 20, or more years has blindfolded us to the extent that we would even passionately fight changing it.

To change it will take deliberate and religious efforts and through the same and better ways as deposited.

Below are steps to change your norms toward your personal development

You Need a Good Mentor

Mentorship starts with helping you discover your potential without which building might be another effort in the wrong direction and of course to let you know and help you build potentials towards achievement.

I have my share of this mistake, learning by trial and error is costly, I wish I know better then, I wish I accidentally have someone who mentors me, I would have save over 10 years of efforts in the wrong direction towards developing my potentials. I am not disputing those years have its impact but I would have preferred the other way round.

A good mentor will save you years of agony and resources towards being the best you worth. Not only that, with a good mentor you will achieve in a few years what you can achieve in a lifetime without one.

Consuming Good Content

It all started with upbringing. Our subconscious mind has been feed with information, ideas, beliefs, etc that is dictating the direction of our life. Unfortunately, only a few people have parents and people around them who feed them with good content towards their potential development.

Now it’s your choice to change the course of your life by deliberately consuming the right contents in the direction you desire. Start with reading good books, listening to audiobooks, watching inspiring and practical life-changing videos, purposeful interaction, online courses, and upgrade to attending training and seminars both virtual and physical while you take massive action on what you learn.

You will have good contents recommendation from your mentor as part of his effort towards developing you.

Choose Your Influencers Wisely

You are not privileged to choose that from childhood because some were automatic, some were chosen for you, while others are choosing based on circumstances. But now that you can choose for yourself, it will go a long way to fast track your efforts regarding your potential development.

This effort in the direction of your potential development is emotional because you have to disconnect from interacting with some people around you which can even be within your family. Although may not be a total disconnection, but you have to reduce the amount of time you spend with people who are having negative effects on your personal development.

Another strenuous part of this aspect is towards choosing people you will be spending a major part of your time with and creating a good network and understands and appreciate the importance of a good connection towards personal and career success. In reality, success is more about who you know more than what you know. By this, I am not insinuating they should be your family member or be in a position of authority or rich but must be people who influence you positively and can give you a good connection.

Be Ready to Share Too

The best way to gain more and faster from the knowledge and skills you are acquiring towards your personal development is to share with others the same and be ready to influence others as well.

This way you will be creating your community, a connection you will need later for good cause.

Sharing your knowledge and skills is an avenue to find out your stronghold and where you may need to put in more effort to improve or change

Be Consistent

You can change overnight damages that occur for years. Remember it is easier to destroy than to build or rebuild. The damages have been done, your effort is towards rebuilding it.

Consistency is the key, you can’t give up so soon. There are countless numbers of people who realized the need to change but do nothing, some take steps but give up so soon, but the gain is to keep the light on in the face of challenges.

The problem is that the result of your effort will be invisible at the early change but believe me its building up. Be aware your reward today is the effort you put in yesterday and your effort today will yield a reward tomorrow.

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