These are the Reasons Why You Need to be Your Children Best Friend


The best and the number one friend a child could ever think of should be their parents. Being a best friend to our kids especially the female can be of great impact to influence their lives positively. According to my research, kids who have their parents as their good friend and talk mate tend to always have an easy route to getting things done, make lesser mistakes and it limits their risk of having false friends.

My parents are introverted when it comes to intimate issues, although, they have their ways of showing love and affection. When it comes to intimate discussion, my mum is off but dad is a little better. We grew up to see them not having friends, maybe, that’s how they were being raised but I can’t seem to be amazed how both of them have so close nature as if they are siblings.

Since that’s what we were raised to understand, I and my elder sister tend to practice the same thing. We communicate less with strangers but after I gained admission while she’s done schooling and married there is a lot of changes in our communication as a result of interaction with school mates but still we hardly have a close friendship as we see many people do due to our parents’ disapproval. The standard set by our parents influenced our ways of life even after we gained our freedom by marriage.

Sometimes ago, my sister shared her experience with her sister-in-law during a week visit. Her sister-in-law has four male kids no female. Her daily routine was from office to home. She always returns early from office to spend the whole of her evening jesting with her kids. Mostly, their conversation entails how her day went at work and how theirs' went at school. So, nothing happens daily without her awareness.

She related a day when their mum came back late from the office and couldn’t have a regular discussion with them. The next morning, the last son came knocking on their mum’s door requesting; mum, we need to talk about something. She asked him to wait in the sitting room while she comes to join him since it was a weekend. Guess what? He’s only requesting his mum's approval to attend a classmate's birthday party but all the mom could say was, we would talk about that later.

According to my sister, she was curious to know what her sister-in-law's response would sound like since in our case such discussion hardly occurs. Later at night, the sister-in-law disapproves of his participation with reasons instead of being authoritative, with the boy not seeing it as a big deal since that is the culture of concluding related issues.

This experience influenced how my sister related with her children and sharing it with me is a plus too.

All through the discussion, I was elevated and inspired allowed me to generate insight on reasons why you should be the best friend your kids could ever have.


1.    If you refuse to be their friends you will end up exposing them to having false friends whose motives are not genuine.

2.    When they confide in you and get a good result, they will be happier and fulfilled and would always come to you when the need arises instead of finding a solution in a stranger.

3.    Their shortcomings will be saved with you while you work with them on improving them rather than exposing it to a stranger who could use it against them hurting their self-esteem

4.    Being their good friend will curb them from taking wrong steps since they will never make a major decision without your consent

5.    They’ll not be negatively influenced by their peers

In conclusion, kids’ especially female need more of their parents than a false friend, to get the best out of our female kids we as parents need to start cultivating the habit of building them to be our best pals and grooming them to be freely and confidently discuss their secret with us better than anyone.


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