You Don’t Have to Give Up, You Only Need to Refill

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For instance, when your car point red on the fuel indicator, it means you need to fill it again to serve you. That red indicator shows that the car is going to stop working in a short period if you fail to do so.


This above scenario is an analog to our state of affairs. Sometimes you feel so bad about what life is given to you; you are bored, tired, fed up, or given up, even sometimes you feel like commit suicide.


But believe me, it is just a narrow thought of your condition, widen the scope a little and you will see the big picture and that takes just little minutes. It is high time you start to see it as a signal that your fuel is getting low, so you need to refill or else you won’t be able to move on. 


What are Human Fuels?

Humans just like a mechanical engine have diverse parts that consume different substances to keep functioning. Using a motor vehicle as an example, the carburetor needs petrol to function but the radiator needs water. But they all work together to get the car moving. If one is not functioning it affects the other part.


We need good foods and water to retain our physical energy but need good contents and information to keep maintaining our psychological energy and to some extent, just like a motor vehicle, a car can still manage to move one even though it might lead to other damages if there is fuel in the carburetor but no water in the radiator but will never move an inch if the carburetor is empty.


You can still function effectively and keep moving on with enough psychological energy without good food, but even if you have enough good food to eat but your psychological energy is empty, you will not have the strength to consume the good food.


Refilling Your Tank

The best way to live a fulfilled life through self-development is to ensure your psychological energy is not draining before your refill it.


You need to keep consuming good content regularly. Read good books, listen to good audiobooks, watch a video that will motivate and inspire you to keep getting stronger, and most especially have a good conversation with people of like minds.


But whether we like it or not, one day we will lag and our indicator will signal we need to refill.


While we can refill with the approaches above, the best among them is to have conversations with someone who believes in us and have what it takes to refill our energy in a jiffy. I mean the best way out is to have a mentor and keep reaching out to him/her regularly.


You Need a Mentor

Mentoring has not been taking seriously as an important part of our life. But sincerely, with a good mentor, you have the opportunity to achieve in a month what you are going to achieve in years without one.


Your mentor is not just a coach, counselor, and trusted advisor, your mentor is a friend who guides you as a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviours. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee.


You will always need a guardian, so he will always give you direction and where needed recommendation and when you are down and need someone to talk to that will refill your tank and boost your energy to keep moving on, it will just take you some few minutes will a call away to get that.


This is an inspiration from my conversation with my mentor yesterday to refill my tank when the hit from COVID 19 get into me since it affected my new startup (Concise Academy) and source of income that lead to re-strategizing of activities as suggested by my mentor.

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