Doing Away With Bad Habit

To me I see bad habit to be those little acts we take to be nothing but in the real sense, it has a negative influence on our life. A bad habit could range from sucking of hands, nails biting, tongue chewing, telling little lies among others. Even as little as they seem, their aftermath is always humiliating, so, why holding on to it.

I was known with nails biting right from childhood, I bite my nails anywhere especially when I have an issue eating me up. Hanging the bad habit to "when I have an issue eating me up" is just an excuse. I am addicted to nail-biting. Most times, when people challenge me, I quickly bring up my major excuse and some others, but in reality, have I tried to do away with it.

Yes, I have tried, maybe not enough until now. I tried reducing and eradicating my addiction on several occasions with no significant result. On each reminder and embarrassing moment, I will vow never to do it again but end up going back to it, and it keeps repeating itself again and again until I tried doing it differently remembering that you can't get a different result when you keep repeating the same act.

Of course, there are times when I feel remorse and shy showing my nails, especially while doing the teslim on the congregational prayer. I keep folding the nails just to avoid people from seeing it, because, on one hand, I feel it’s not good enough, on the other hands, it makes me feel lesser but still, I am finding it very hard to let go until recently when my mentor gifted me a book by Brian Tracy titled; "The Power of Self Confidence."

Wao! I never knew building great self-confidence entails a lot. Even those little acts we take to be nothing build-up to make or break us. After the first and the second chapter, I started relating it to my habit. I found out those activities we think is insignificant keeps pilling up to limit our self-confidence and until you are ready to do away with it, until you are ready to fight it, and until you are ready to get a different solution, you might never get a different and a reformed you. So I had to start working on myself.

Although, it's has nothing to do with the spiritual aspect of my sallah, but I want to boldly stretch my hands while doing the teslim, I want to freely flaunt my nails while in public with pride, and I want my hubby who in most times always laugh about my nails see something new.

My mentor will always say, you have to pay the price to win the prize. So, I set out to win the prize and I won, but not without paying the price. In addition to what I learned from Brian Tracy's book on building a good habit and breaking the bad once, I found the process easy after reading a chapter from one of the books in our library (I mean our home library). My hubby once referred to it, so I picked it up.

James Clear in his book "Atomic Habits - Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results" advised; One way to do away with your bad habits is to make it look so ugly by anchoring it to something so important to you and that's the same way to build good habits, just make it look beautiful attaching it to a dream you want to make come true.

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