Don’t Let Schooling Interfere With Your Education


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Our Teenagers are eager to go to school without a clear understanding of what differentiates education from schooling. If only they are aware they can be educated without stepping the four walls of the school, I wonder if every teenager will consider school to be the best place to spend the best part of their existence.


But from another perspective, teenagers just like their parents have different reasons why schooling is so important to them. To some people, the eagerness to go to school is to show off. Yes! A neighbour once told me that she is only going to school for the certificate and showcase to her friends and families.  According to my mentor, “schooling is the most competitive achievement I ever know” We also have another set of people who believe having an academic qualification is their ticket to get rich. After all, with their qualification, they will be able to get a high paying job. Funny enough, we have the pleasurable set of people who their main aim of going to school is to have their freedom and catches fun. And I am not sorry to say the rest only follow the bandwagons.


It is no longer news to see people with little or no basic academic education not to talk of advanced education recruiting the so-called graduate. My question on many occasions whenever I come across such people is that, if truly academic education is that important to achieve success, how come numerous not just a few excel without it.


Am I trying to discourage academic education? No! Never! But it is high time we understand and orient our teenagers who at that stage of their life cannot differentiate education from school. I know because I have passed through that place before and I keep dialoguing on this subject matter to orient those around me, but unfortunately we have only a few who are rethinking.


That of teenagers are still acceptable excuses, but how come many graduates out there cannot even differentiate between schooling and education. We have many of them who last read books or attend a seminar right from the day they stop schooling. My mentor does narrate to me on many computer engineering or science students who come for training in his digital skills centre but cannot operate a computer not to talk about repairing or assemble one. The irony part of it is that he (my mentor) is a graduate of financial management; learns lots of digital skills including repairing and assembly through self-learning. 


As a youth, we should stop believing that without schooling we cannot excel rather we should learn to build our career with what you know and or what we can learn practically. I am not disputing the importance of schooling to teach us the basic skills of reading, speaking, and writing and the ability to develop our thinking faculty which I considered to be the best part of academic education.


With that, anyone who has a passion to learn can go ahead to read books, attend seminars, and short practical training for self-development and career building. Youth who follow this part do better than those who solely rely on their schooling.


In a nutshell, my little advice for the youth is that we should look beyond the school and educate ourselves. It is one thing to attend schools and has numerous certificates; it is another thing to be educated. If after schooling you cannot practically do something reasonable in your area of study, you are not educated. It one thing I love about vocational training, in a few weeks of commencement, you can practically do something about what you are learning. That may not be part of our schooling system but, it is your role to make sure as you are schooling, you find an avenue to learn the practical aspect and put to use what you learn to build your career.


The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be an eye-opener to this reality. Now that our children cannot go to schools, many parents are confused, it seems the purpose of academic education is to keep them engaged which is not bad in itself but the brilliant parents see it as another opportunity as they engaged their children in their business activities or enroll them for vocational training.


I am sure as teenager or youth, you are receiving the COVOD-19 lesson positively for a better chance that will put you in a better position now and in the future.


I concluded with this statement by Mark Twain that “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.“

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