Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

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The greatest enemy of human achievement is the comfort zone. According to a psychologist, each of us has a natural tendency to slip into a zone of performance and behaviour where we are comfortable, one that is easy and unchallenged, and then decide to stay there.

We stop striving, we relax and day by day we develop the habit that leads to underachievement and failure. We settle for far less than we are truly capable of. Until you are ready to step out of your comfort zone until you are ready to do away with your comfort zone and until you find your comfort zone to be tiring and irritating you'll never get the best and fulfilled you.

Of course, I am still on a moving train working hard and striving to be the best me, but I could significantly tell you. I couldn't have achieved this little without making an attempt to stay out of my comfort zone.


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There are this joy and pride I fell within me when I see female speakers, especially on a podium holding a microphone. Plus the fact that I don't know where my hubby got this inspiration from, but he’ll always sing this into my ear. "I keep looking forward to a day while I sit amidst the congregation looking at you on the podium holding a microphone and speaking to thousands of people." As humans immediately I see those speakers and hear those words from my hubby I start envisioning being in that position but in minutes later I settle for my usual excuse, it’s actually a dream bigger than me. I see writing and speaking in front of thousands of people as something bigger than me. Most especially, I feel I am not good enough, not fluent in writing and speaking, I can't withstand the crowd and don't want to be looked down on.

Is the dream actually bigger than I or I am not ready to leave my comfort zone and work hard to make the dream come true? Believe me, it’s not about the size of the dream, it’s about me and my comfort zone.

Steps to Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Start with Smaller Task: After taking up the writing challenge and see how greatly I have improved, it gives me the boost I need to face my public speaking phobia. That is how it works. One best way to overcome the comfort zone is to take it one step after another. From the less stressful and intimidating task to the bigger one. The gradual improvement is a natural motivation to move forward.
  2. Surround Yourself with Motivator: Sincerely, I would have remained in my comfort zone maybe till eternity like millions if not billions of people out there if not for my hubby. It is not compulsorily they should be your relatives on be in your household, but just ensure you spent time with people who inspire you to dream big and act towards achieving it.
  3. Less Plan, More Action: Have you heard about the term “analysis paralysis”. Many times, we get paralyzed to take a head start by analysis and planning. I am not disputing the role of proper planning because according to Benjamin Franklin, “if you fail to plan you are planning to fail,” But still, to overcome the pleasure of your comfort zone, take the bull by the horn and jump straight into the pull. That way you overcome the fear of unknown and taking action will become naturally part of you.
  4. Be Ready to Share Your Experience: Thank God for social media, it becomes fun and you will be looking forward to the next step more than your follower. I missed this aspect as suggested by my hubby when he brings up the home tidy challenge. Now I understand better, not only it will be fun but will assist me in challenging myself better. That is what I am doing with my writing and speaking challenges. He keeps telling me, “you are smart, talented, and unique, please, give it to the world”.
  5. Celebrate: Giving yourself a pet at back will go a long way to boost your moral. No achievement is too small to celebrate at their level. According to Balogun Adewale, “A dream is not meant to be achieved in a jiffy if it is, then, it’s not big enough. That is why you don’t have to wait until you achieve the final result.

Believe me, those dreams of yours aren't bigger as your thought suggested if you're ready to take massive action to overcome the pleasure of staying in your comfort zone.


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