To Change Your Life, Change Your Environment


Different psychologists and sociologists have intensively discussed how you can change your life for a better by changing your environment.

Environment factor is paramount to the way we reason and make a decision. It’s a vehicle to the direction of our life, the environment influences us.

In my little study on education and how we learn, it became clear that the environment was one of the most powerful teachers of all.

This is why the latest validation by Neuroscientist discovering mirror neurons in the brain is so important. Science is finally out that many of us already aware of the need to change our life, we need to first change your approach.

For instance, we acknowledge that, if we want to lose weight, we have a better chance of success by doing exercise or going to a gym centre regularly rather than going to a nice restaurant. If we want to study, it might be better to read in a quiet place or a library rather than trying to read at a party. Or if want to relax, we leave work and go to a nice palatable place or home. And if you want to become rich, you need to find an environment that is conducive to become richer, an environment that will strengthen all our three brains. Ironically, workplaces and schools are not those environments for most people.

The environments we live in always have a great impact on increasing our financial IQ and status. Find your environment and utilize the power of it to change your life for the better.

Most of the time, the physical environment we reside always affect our level of acknowledgment because if you are living in an area where the people there are featuring things in outdated form and you have different ideas from theirs, you may not be able to accomplish your determination on time because your words will become so unusable to them. So the best way for you is to change that environment.

Sometimes, changing that area may be difficult or due to some financial problem, what you need to do is that you can leave in the morning to where people of likes mind gather and be back home in the evening or night having little interaction except sharing your views with those care avoiding argument. Doing this may also help.

Swallow Your Pride, Connect Yourself

Is better you be dwarf amid giants than the giant amid draft.

Yes, due to my ambition, I have always found myself in this position. I know it could be intimidating if you are not purposely doing it. But if you choose to, you find it rewards in no time.

In invite to consider this statement “success is less of what you know and more of who you know”. According to my mentor who has turned this to a mantra, he said, his challenge is that people do misinterpret that statement thinking that statement is referring to their family members or relatives. No, it’s about connecting yourself, building your network by carefully choosing people, and the environment you spend your time. To do so, it is better to choose an environment where they are better and well-connected than you and where you are the best

Here is Additional Environment to Network

1.     Start Virtually: The digital technology has enough accolades more than whatever misfortunes you think it is causing. One of those advantages is the opportunity to get across and interact with people you never will have the opportunity to do so. One of such virtual environment (social media) where you can be dwarf amid giants is It’s a professional networking platform where you can learn and get inspired to dream and achieve more.

2.     Seminar/Workshop: Always have schedules of training you will attend to meet people of like minds for interaction and making friends.

3.     Meet-Ups: Join or organize masterminds that agreed to meet regularly to interact and share ideas and opinions on issues that will initiate and help them excel.

4.     Volunteering and Internship: It is rewarding to find yourself in the environment (organization and activities) either social or corporate engaging in activities where you can learn and meet nice people who can become friends to help you achieve your personal and career goals.

5.     Hubs and Co-Work Space: The advantages of co-working space go beyond having a nice place to work to reduce costs but also meet people who will be part of your network and inspire you to do more.

If you have tried lots of things but still experience little or no improvement in your life, maybe it is high time you consider changing your environment.


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