It’s never Where You Started or Where You Are That Matters but Where You're Going

My birthday (September 7th) has always been a day I will not do without reflecting on the past among other days. In the past, I was not opportune to share this reflection with anyone but now that I have such an opportunity to do so, I think it won't be a bad idea believing that someone reading this will be inspired.

I remember right from Criddle, I always wished to work in the cooperate world, a bank in particular. Those are the years when banking was one of the top-performing industries, and every young graduate aside the pay derive pride in saying, I am a banker even though you might just be an ordinary cashier. That aside, I love the way I saw people dressing smartly when going to school every morning, even though I don't know the nature of their job, I just keep the dream of one day seeing myself in those lovely and smart outfits like them, going to my place of work and derive joy in it. But, unfortunately, my dream lacks the prerequisites of what it takes to achieve such a dream. The environment has a role to play, parenting is another aspect.

The cause of my life change on getting to JSS3 crossing to SSS1, the dream of being a banker is gone, since I am among the smart students in my class, I found myself in science class and to cap it, my father like a typical father out there started singing to my ears that medical professionals will be good for me. I think I love that, so I quickly started envisioning myself as Dr. Fathiat. I tried hard never to disappoint myself and my father and Alhamdulillah, the first attempts to become a medical doctor is achieved, I came out with flying colour.

Securing University Admission

It seems my dream of becoming a medical doctor will not come to fruition, for about three years straight, I could not secure admission to study my desire course towards achieving my dream, it is difficult to accept but I can't bear wasting time. In 2010, I was given admission to study Botany and Zoology at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) but my dad kicked against it not mainly because it's not what he wanted me to but because he can't bear the burden of keeping any of his kids at distance, it is either I stay back in Lagos or I go back to my hometown to study. As for me, after lots of attempts to secure admission at Lagos State University and the University of Lagos, I think the option of Osun State Polytechnic will not be a bad idea.

It is one thing to have a dream; it is another thing to have the resources to make the dream come through. It got to a point I am beginning to see how difficult it will be financially if I eventually secure admission. As much as the general society claimed being intellectually sound is better than having money, Wallace D. Wattles in his book "The Science of Getting Rich" made it know that, that ambition will be crippled if money is not available, He said, the society is so organized that, we need money to do everything including gaining intellectuals. That is about to happen in my case.

The reason is that my big sister is in Lagos State University with daddy struggling to make sure he makes it happen for her, now that I am about to put my leg in, will this thing be easy? I was disturbed, so, I am at the lookout to find a way, even though my dad hates it with passion, I still maneuver my way to secure his blessing to get me to go ahead. Alas! the hustling life begins and it pays off because I can save some money to assist during my admission processing to study Laboratory Technology at Osun State Polytechnic, a signal that I am still on track to become a medical doctor at least.

The School and After School Days

Getting admission to study seems to be the difficult one for many teenagers and parents, but my experience has thought me that, staying on cause is even more difficult most especially when money is involved.

I quickly understand this and adjust to it, hustling continue even though not as it uses to be. I wish I am aware of this in advance maybe I would have prepared ahead.

During my Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES), I opted in to grab beading and fashion accessories skills. This later pays off during and after school although not too long due to interest.

My ambition of becoming a medical doctor or anything close to it is on hold due to financial constraints but still, I failed to give up. The struggles to discover myself to inspire and impact keep pushing me and I wasn't disappointed even though I am not there yet.

My quest to get engaged in one activity or another keeps driving me here and there, on one hand, I need the money, on the other hand, I don't want money to be the major yardstick to choose what I want to do. I want to engage in something that will get my spirit committed while at the same time earn to keep body and soul together.

 In 2015, I met a guy that inspired me so much that I requested he mentor me. He never gives me a resounding yes, but never failed at any occasion to dissect my thoughts and questions, providing answers where I see problems, turning my negative thoughts to positive, and always want me to see the light in the darkness.

One day, he sat me down to drill me with series of questions that reveal those skills I have above where he let me know that those skills I am taken for granted are gold in my life I am neglecting.

At our next meeting in about two weeks, the first thing I saw on his table getting to his office was fliers with my contacts on it, I became confused and started thinking; hope it's not what I am thinking. Yes! it is; he responded, you are going to organize a seminar. He can see how my heart is beating so fast, so he calms me down and assured me he will be there with me and he keeps to his promise. It was a huge success, not just financially but because he is helping me overcome the biggest fear of my life: The fear of speaking in public.

After the seminar, we maintain a formal relationship and gradually becoming a friend. He will not stop reminding me how smart I am and how one day he will love to sit back watching me on the podium speaking to thousands of people. This sounds to me to be too big a dream to achieve, but he will not stop at anything to analyze its possibility and keep challenging me in activities that will build my confidence to overcome my fear of speaking in public.

Today, he is not just my mentor but also my husband who keeps inspiring and challenging me to achieve my mission behind my ambition to become a medical doctor; The mission to inspire teenagers and impact life.

My schooling has been temporarily stopped after securing my National Diploma (ND) but never my education, my ambition to become a medical doctor might be on hold and become impossible, but I love my new challenge, new discovery, and the new me I am becoming.

Join me on this journey to inspire and impact.

Happy birthday to me

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