The Business of Content Creation Masterclass Launch

I remember reading the book “Crushing It” sometimes ago and couldn’t stop thinking about the importance of content creation. And every time I see the book on my bookshelf the thought of doing something to help my network realize the importance of content creation keep occupying my thought.

The reason is that it cut across all groups.

One major message of the book is building a personal brand. Whether you are a student, a graduate, a hustler, and entrepreneur, etc, the quality of your "personal brand" will contribute immensely to your career growth. To achieve that, you need to put lots of effort into self-promotion and that will be very impossible without the skill of content creation.

If you are unemployed, your desire might be to get a good job, start freelancing, or start a business. With the skill of content creation, you can achieve any of the goals.

One profession that is thriving in this digital economy is becoming an influencer. If that is your desire, you need to learn how to create content that suits your personality.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur at this age requires creating content to educate and convince potential customers and retaining existing patronage. This is what gave birth to the concepts of content marketing.

And of course scores of people out there are not just making a living but get rich in the Business of Content Creation.

Google, Facebook as well as that blogger, Youtuber and podcaster in your neighborhood are into the business of content creation although playing at a different level

Remember the question I asked in one of my posts to introduce this course.

Do you believe “content creation is king’’? A quote accredited to Bill Gates.

I don’t know if you answer yes to that question but a little explanation I have on that is to show you how it is king and for you to reason how it applies to you.

Coming October 1, 2020, the day Nigeria as a country will turn to 60 years; I will launch and make available the registration link to THE BUSINESS OF CONTENT CREATION MASTER CLASS.

If you want to be part of this, you have to keep washing this space for the info because there is room for just 100 participants and once the slots have been taking which can happen that same day, I will pull down the link.

The reason I am excited to make this happen is that I love testimony and I am sure this will not be an exception

Life will be impacted by this course and it will become the beginning of new and better stories in many participants' life.

The question is, are you one of those testimonies?

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