The Family as a Training Ground for Our Future Leaders


One menace that is affecting our society so bad today is how lightly we take the family as a training ground to develop leaders that will hold and change the future for the better. It is unfortunate that even though our children spend roughly 16 hours out of 24 hours available per day with the family, we still expect schools and other training centres to take the responsible for moulding our children to be a better person and leader. What makes it even worst is that out of the remaining 8 hours, peer influence took more than 5 hours.

It is one thing that we are neglecting our roles as parents, it’s another thing that we are adding to the challenge by indirectly teaching our children to become the worst unknowingly to us. Children learn fast and learn more from our actions more than what we say to them.

While there are lots of issues that can degenerate to a crisis within the family, misunderstanding between couples, and how they handle it likely be the most culprit. There will always be a misunderstanding between couples but bringing it to the public and most especially to the awareness of our children believing they are naive and ignorant is teaching our children worst about life than good.

Studies had made us understand that children from a home where there is crisis are often psychologically and emotionally disturbed which in most cases leads to poor performance in school, prone to a criminal act, and are always filled with fear of the unknown for the future.

Some days ago, I watched a movie with my family that inspired this piece. It’s about a man who is obsessed and being overprotective of his wife. He refused her from working, having both male and female friends, and visiting families just because he felt they will turn his wife against him. His attitude on many occasions led to not only assaulting his wife but people who occasionally and most time by accident relate to his wife. He has on several occasions paid heavily for assault charges but still failed to see the big crisis ahead of him.

What makes it interesting is not just about his behaviour but where that obsession is generated from. He is an eye witness of a scenario to what led to the death of his father caused by his mother. That same scenario he believes will happen to him if he failed to take control. I wish he understands and takes a positive approach to make a remedy. 

How Unhealthy Environment Could Have a Bad Effect on a Child

According to the story, like 7 years old boy, he grew up to witness his mother engaging regularly in extramarital activities at home when his father is not around and that act led to the death of his father.

To worsen the situation, his uncle also narrated a similar story to him that lead to his predicament even though he is not sure of the authenticity of the story, he adds it up to use it as a model to guide himself against such incident.

Rather than using such experience positively, he allowed it to negatively influence his life breeding the same. His three children witness the worst threat and assault to their mother, begged on several occasions with no changes until his first son threatened to kill him with his gun. He lived his life based on another personal challenge and end up ruining his life by;

  1. Losing his role as a responsible husband and father.
  2. Made his children lost their trust and respect they have for him as a father. 
  3. Instill a bad attitude in them from upbringing. 
  4. Put his health and carrier on hold. 

He lost all just because of the mistakes made by someone else.

The danger of family crisis generating from a misunderstanding between parents and how they handle it is beyond the two parties involved. The children and the society at large are affected heavily and while we are overwhelmed about the state of our nation dominated with a crime, corruption, and bad leadership believing we can solve it by voting right, we should remember the danger we are breeding from home in which 8 out of every 10 children were fed with bad orientation from their family. 


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