Women Empowerment: Production of Coconut Oil

Ultimately, we are working as a partner to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs Goal 17) through orientation and support for Basic Education (Goal 4), Decent Worth and Economic Growth (Goal 8) and Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal 11). 

But we realized that to achieve a good result in low-income communities and most especially rural areas we need to give training and support for SDG Goal 1 (No Poverty). So, we brainstorm to see how we can train and support them on using resources at their disposal to earn a good income.

And here is what comes up.

In conjunction with Concise Farm, we launch Renew 100% Natural Coconut oil.

Looking at the Lagos Reverine communities, we realized women within this community have the knowledge on how to produce this oil but lack the knowledge of how to commercialize it. That is where we come in.

We also ensure it is hygienically produced and package for consumption.

Aside that, the resources to set up a mini plant where this can be produced easily is not available and maybe later in larger quantity.

We are still in the pilot stage but as you can see, Renew Coconut Oil is now available and we need your support to give these women a new hope.

Order your coconut oil for consumption and industrial use from us or from Concise Farm.

We take large order.

Distributors/Marketers needed nationwide.

Phone Number:+2347038194336 and +2349020624412

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]



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