You Need Social Capital more than Financial Capital to Start and Grow Faster

Over 80% of people starting-out are having capital (finance) on top of their list as the major resources to achieve their dream most importantly financial freedom. To achieve that, they result in finding a good-paying job which is not bad and when that is hard to get, they result in starting a business. In a nutshell, bulks of business owners are forced to lunch their business by the situation around them.

Your problem is not in paid employment or self-employment, your main challenge is the inability to exploit the resources that are already within your reach; I mean the social capital (resources).

We all believe in using what we have legitimately to get what you want. How come you are disregarding the one you have?

I am not disputing how important financial resources is to achieve once dream even intellectual as spell out by Dr. Wallace Wattle in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” But with “Social Capital” you can achieve it and more.


 There are general and diverse views of what social capital is all about, but for the intended message I am trying to pass across here, will limit it to just;

  • Trust: If only you are trustworthy enough, raising capital to start or grow your business will never be a challenge, the same goes for getting a good-paying job. As important as trust is, I have seen a situation where a father is not ready to give his child capital to start a business albeit he wanted to help him and the money is available. This is not cooked up, the father shared this with me and even gave me the assignment to set things right. In the business community, the principle of involving the family in business boiled down to social capital which trusts take the lead.
  • Loyalty: Apart from your parents and relatives, their people who deserve your loyalty. It is an investment in the future you are building. As spiritual it is to remain loyal to our parents, a large number of those who cry out for working hard but have nothing to show for it is not even loyal to their parents. Loyalty is not after effect, it is before, and you put it forward for a long time and never withdraw it for no genuine reason.
  • Humility: To maintain staying on top require humility not to talk of starting out. Many people cannot differentiate between self-confidence and pride. Be proud of yourself and what you have but humble yourself before those who can help you both intellectually and in times of material. Your humility will generate the connection require to raise whatever resources you need to start or grow to achieve your dream which is what networking is all about.
  • Networking: If the three above is missing then forget this. To network, you need to humble yourself, remain loyal, and be trustworthy. The earlier you know the importance of having the right connection the better the chance you have to start and grow faster. 

Many people think getting started is the problem, but as great it is to take a bold step to start and keep promoting your ministry, you have to work even harder to gain peoples trust and loyalty

The four works hand in hand depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If you need a job or trying to raise capital for your business, there are people around you or people you chose purposely that can directly or indirectly do that for you if you can gain their trust and maintain it.


Businesses need to gain customer trust and loyalty to succeed as well. You can trick people to buy your products but keeping them as customers depend on the quality of your products and customer relationships.

Even if you have the required financial resources to start and grow, you need the right connection to achieve your dream.

One most confusing about social capital is to use it wrongly which starts with associating with the wrong people.

You have to question yourself about people you are loyal to so that you will not be forced to humble yourself. Be wary of who you are trying to gain their trust by becoming an agent of the lawbreakers.

Image Credit: Pixabay


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