6 Tips on How to Convert Your Social Media Account to Asset


One of the great inventions of this century is social media platforms. Your social media account is an asset, a digital asset for anyone that cares, given us self-promotion opportunity to excel.

As an asset, it needs to be treated as such to generate what you desire to achieve with it and that starts with a promotion in addition to keeping it look good and secure.

Sadly, people are finding it difficult to figure it out. They can’t differentiate assets and liabilities. Their wardrobe means a lot to them, they care so much about their phone but not what the phone can do positively to change their life for good. Check their social media account (Facebook in particular), so messy with unnecessary posts and tagging. How could you allow strangers to turn your property into playing ground without restriction and anything in returns? Would you allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to turn your house into a playing ground? You have the answer. Then treat your social media account the same way.

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Here are a few tips on how to achieve the best out of your social media account.

  1. Properly set up your account to avoid unnecessary tagging and posting into your timeline (Facebook in particular).
  2. Secure your social media account with alphanumeric (alphabet and numbers) and sign as a password.
  3. Share great content that communicates who you are, what you do but don’t forget to socialize and have some fun.
  4. Interact with other people contents that are in line with your activities (business or career)
  5. Be choosy of people you connect with (friends) because your social media newsfeed will be a noise or nurse depends on your connection
  6. Self-promotion is very important; don’t be shy to tell the world about your achievement and strength through your social media account. And sometimes share some of your weakness too for your followers’ opinion. You can learn a lot from that too

A Wake-Up Call

Don’t just read, take action, and engage. Like, comment, ask questions. I know above anything you are afraid of looking stupid. Common! Your success lies in your ability to risk looking stupid. Until you are ready to look stupid, you won’t know how good or bad you are.

Social media is a personal and career development laboratory for all of us. You may have a limited opportunity to excel offline because you don’t have any place or platform to demonstrate your talent, ability, skills, and experience. Then exploit the unlimited opportunity you have online via your social media account and other online platforms to show the world what you have.

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