How to Commercialize Your Natural Selling Skills for Success

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He has been loyal to me, so I am trying to pay it back, but Jerry is not making it easy for me. I have helped him secure two jobs in a space of 1 year, although not paying much, but, it’s an opportunity to showcase him for a better opportunity and I made him realize that he seems not to get it.

That faithful day at about 6 pm, I was arriving when he was escorting a friend out of the compound, and promise to check me when he is back, we are still on the lookout for another job, and he wanted to know if I have good news for him.

On arrival, I jokingly want to confirm who the lady he’s accompanying is to him. With a smile on her face, she confessed she is a girlfriend. But…. I paused. That is one aspect of him I am worried about.

Fortunately, no one is around, I have the opportunity to frankly talk to Joshua for the first time. Still, jokingly, I wanted to know how many girlfriends he has because I knew 5 ladies coming regularly.

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But, how did you manage to get those ladies? “That’s a small thing nao! Uncle. I don’t lie to them o”. So what did you do or say to make them believe in you? “I just try to be the best friend they will ever have, so simple”. Really? “Yes nao, uncle”.

But why can’t you use the same strategy for your job hunt? The smiles disappear, seriousness set in.


We Sell to Live

You see, whether we like it or not selling is fully part of our daily life but when it comes to the commercial part of selling, we want to do away with it at all costs.

Every day, we sell, but mostly not for money. Parents sell to their children to do what they want so also children to their parents to get what they need. Husband and wife sell to each other to be together. Boyfriends sell to girlfriends, employers sell to employees, and vice versa. In every relationship, there is selling.

It baffles me to see people shy away from making money because that is what selling is all about. Funny enough, selling is the antidote to your shyness and low self-esteem.

I don’t know what success means to you. Whatever it means to you, you need to sell to achieve it using the right marketing strategy that best fits your situation.


Technology Advantage to Marketing

Technology is making it easier for us to sell ourselves and whatever we have, but sadly, there seems to be no difference in the feelings and action towards marketing. I think what makes selling so unpopular is shyness and fear of rejection. If you cannot face people to talk, then you should be able behind the screen.

I understand the issue is almost the same because more than shyness, we don’t want to look stupid. But believe me, until you are ready to look stupid, you won’t know how good or bad you are, that way it will be hard to excel most especially if you don’t have any place or platform to demonstrate your ability. 

When I am talking about technology advantage to marketing, my major focus for ordinary people is social media.

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One of the great inventions of this century is social media platforms. The social media account is an asset, digital asset for anyone that cares. But as an asset, it needs to be treated as such to generate what you desire to achieve with it and that starts with a promotion in addition to keeping it look good and secure which is what selling is all about.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve the best out of your social media account.

  • Properly set up your account to avoid unnecessary tagging and posting into your timeline (Facebook in particular)
  • Secure your social media account with alphanumeric (alphabet and numbers) and sign as a password.
  • Share great content that communicates who you are, what you do but don’t forget to socialize and have some fun.
  • Interact with other people contents that are in line with your activities (business or career)
  • Be choosy of people you connect with (friends) because your social media newsfeed will be a noise of nurse depends on your connection
  • Self-promotion is very important, don’t be shy to tell the world about your achievement and strength through your social media account and sometimes share some of your weakness too for your followers’ opinion. You can learn a lot from that too

If what you understand by a robot is until you see a structure in a human figure performing activities, then you will wait for so long. I am not disputing there is but robots are here already most especially with marketing software, web, and mobile applications.

Major parts of the work have been done for you, but you need to understand how to set it up. Knowledge is power.

But following the tips above, you will be engaging in one important digital marketing technique called content marketing. Through that, you can become an influencer.

Whether you are looking for a job, a freelancer looking for some gigs, a startup looking for an avenue to market your brand and sell your product and services or want to use your influence to make money, your social media account is an opportunity (asset) to get you started.

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