Let’s stop talking and start working


I received too many questions in my inbox about two of my post that emphasize the importance of social media to your potential development and achieving your personal, career, and business goals.

So, I have to quickly put the answers together based on questions received and decided to make it available to everyone that will be interested via a live (virtual class).

You can still send your questions ahead of or keep it till the class.

You see, I have seen a few people who intentionally avoid been on social media for reasons that are subject to their personal opinion and lifestyle.

But for us that decided to join the global community, we have to make it worth the effort and resources.

Initially, it is meant to socialize as the name implies. But in the middle of cashing fun, we can as well make money learning how to make our products and services available to friends, followers, and other community members.


  • While you are still looking for that lucrative job, you can intentionally engage on social media to make some bulks to keep body and soul together. Moreover, good social media account and engagement will fasten the process of getting that job.
  • Except you are read like Dangote, Otedola, Adeleke, and co. Make an extra income to support your salary will not be a bad idea. Besides, intentional engagement on social media can earn you a promotion or a better job. What about planning your exit using social media
  • An average freelancer, business owner, a startup should be aware of the importance of networking for more business and sale. If you are yet to start getting gigs, business, and sales with your social media account, it means you are not doing it right
  • Even as a student, the best way to prepare ahead of labour market or start creating a personal or business brand at little or no cost and energy is properly engaging in social media

These and many more reasons are what initiate my putting together


Join me on Saturday, November 14, 2020, by 8:00 pm

Check the image for more details

Click here https://t.me/socialmediaasasset to register

While the practical session focuses on Facebook, the general discussion covers major social media platforms.


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