The Challenges in Low-income Communities are of Ignorance more than Illiteracy

To some extent basic education (academic) is become a competition more than the essence of having it, which is the motive behind some parents sending their children to private school even though they can’t afford it.

In the past, skill acquisition seems to be the choice because we see education to be expensive out of ignorance.

I remembered a time when the news went viral that a popular university annual school fee is just N250. That information is too good to be true, but it is. Even though things have negatively changed, an annual fee paid by the student in universities is incomparable to that of average private secondary or even primary schools.

But still, this same people regard advance education to be expensive but can afford N30,000 per term, equivalent to N90,000 annually on average for a basic education. Unfortunately, we still have bunch of those who cannot even afford N5,000 annually for basic education but sometimes that call for questioning.

The reason is because the same people who cannot afford just N5,000 for their child school fee incur unnecessary expenses more than 10 fold of the same amount in the name of culture, societal approval etc in form ceremony and purchase of material things like clothe. You can see why I said ignorance is more of challenge in low income communities

Without digressing, today, the table is turning, skill acquisition is the other of the day, but the less privileged now in pursuing education instead, even though it is glaring that decision is becoming gambling more than strategy.

Don’t Let Schooling Interfere With Your Educatio

I am not saying academic education is not good. No, never, but the best combination is to have both.

Here is how I see it. All thing being equal, a teenager with good skill and education, who decided to utilize the skill for career, have better chances with the one with skill without education. But the one with skill without education has better chances to excel if he is well exposed than the one with education without skill.

That is the power of having the right information at the right time and run with it. I mean to be in vogue. It is not rewarding to be a laggard.

 Another point to this assertion is to see the affluent give their children support in whatever they do while the less privileged hoard their support or withdrew it at some point with the claim that we have done enough and the children should carry the cross by themselves.

Initially, I do think it is because they can’t afford it but now I know better. Discussion with some parents about this issue makes me think otherwise. Or what can you say about a parent thinking skill acquisition and worst making money with such skill will distract his children from facing the study that will earn them the certificate they need to excel in life.

While one can pick a few positive points out of that ideology, the truth is still that, it is ridiculous which another form of ignorance is.

The resources needed for development are available in our rural communities but not the knowledge. So, if there is any reason we will need an education that will require we migrate, it should be on how to make use of abundant resources at our disposal instead of given room for those who will exploit us.

Behold! The New Face of Academic Excellence

Such is the case of Africa and the rest of the world most especially the developed nation with years of exploitation at the expense of our ignorance and greediness as a result of our instant gratification mentality.

To make an impact in low-income and underserved communities, there is need for mindset shift amid all other empowerment programmes so that it will not be like the case of bathing for pigs with the intention he will appreciate its new state and never go back to the mud again.

Photo by Sohaib Ghyasi on Unsplash

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